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To Share Plant Pictures

  1. Upload picture of your plant.
  2. Type in either the scientific name or the common name of your plant.  If there is no match on the scientific name, this plant is not yet in our database. You can send as a request to have this plant added.
  3. Pick the gallery to post your picture to.  Default selection is Plant Sightings gallery.
  4. Verify the Date Taken is the correct date of when the picture was taken.  The system fills the date from the EXIF data of the file. If there is no EXIF data for the date, the current date will be filled in. If the value is not your correct value, update it manually.
  5. Type in a Title of your photo (for Species galleries only), for example 'Plant in flower', 'Plant form', 'Plant in fruit', etc.
  6. Optionally, enter a description of your photo with any desired details.
  7. County is required.  If you would rather not specify a county, send us a request to have your picture added (this may be the case for very rare plants).
  8. Optionally, add a Location for a given county.  If you don't see your location in the matched list, enter it manually.  Long/Lat is filled in for locations within our database, and needs to be (optionally) entered manually otherwise.  To add your new location to our database, send us a request.

To Add/Update your Profile info

  1. Upload your avatar picture
  2. Enter your name, title and location.
  3. Optionally enter your birthday (this will not be shown on the public site).
  4. Enter short bio to let others know who you are.
  5. Optionally, enter your personal social media link (plant-related only please).

Plants by Status

Common Native Plants - Plants commonly found in their designated habitat & counties of distribution. Status code of these plants is usually S5 but can also be S4.

Rare & Vulnerable Plants - These are plants of conern, with status codes S1, S2 or S3.

Invasive Plants - Plants determined as Invasive by DCNR.  Invasive plants are not necessarily common.

Common Alien Plants - Common non-native plants found in their counties of distribution. 

Read more about State Codes here.

Plants by Location

Plants lists for locations are a work in progress & may not present a complete list of plants at those locations.  The minimal result set represents plants that currently have pictures on our site, & maximum result set represent lists imported from other plant databases.  Species that are not yet in our database will not be shown in the list. If you would like to have a location added to our current list (either county or a park/place within a county), or have a plant location list that you would like to contribute to our site, send us a request.


Contact us with any questions or inquiries.