PAEnflowered Reviews

L. Granville , Nature photographer on    

PAenflowered is an excellent resource for all things you may find in Pennsylvania Forests. I particularly like the 'whats blooming' page so I know what I can look for them as I rove and wander through the forest. Maria Pavlova created this site and is a walking encyclopedia of species identification. 😄

, Nature enthusiast on    

This is a beautiful website and an amazing service for professionals and amateurs alike. It has become my good companion in my nature adventures. Highly recommend!

, Plant Enthusiast on    

PAEnflowered is a much-needed resource providing comprehensive information on our state's flora. It is beautifully designed, user friendly, and it has a lot of tools to explore and identify Pennsylvania's plants. As a plant enthusiast, I use it on a regular basis to look up information, identify species and just to enjoy browsing beautiful plant photographs. I am looking forward to the site's continuous expansion and new tools.

, Plant Enthusiast on    

PAenflowered is a Beautiful site that gives novices like me a place to learn, admire and spread the word about Pennsylvania's beautiful natural habitat. The team at PAenflowered is helpful, genuine and always willing to make the extra effort to display exciting photos that everyone will enjoy, who is a native to the state or not. Highly Recommend!!!

usman , Software Engineer on    

PAEnflowered is a wonderful site for flora lovers. PAEnflowered contains amazing and concised content related to diversity of flora in state of Pennsylvania. PAEnflowered site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Continuously UI and feature improvements, Dazzling photographs of plants and their detailed flora content reflects the effort that PAEnflowered team is putting to make this non profit website alive for the betterment of state of Pennsylvania. A big applaud for team PAEnflowered and best wishes for them.

mcvaz , Botanist on    

PAenflowered is the most beautiful site for a flora I have ever seen. It is also a wonderful tool for scientists, students, and plant afficionados in general. It's collaborative structure is crucial to promote community building and fight against plant blindness.

, Botanist on    

PAenflowered is a welcome online resource that concentrates on the flora of Pennsylvania. The site is very user friendly and offers beautiful photography and plant descriptions that should be beneficial to novices, serious plant enthusiasts,and professionals. The photo/ description content are the result of a talented group of independent contributors with diverse backgrounds. As a professional wetland scientist I utilize the site to assist me in confirming plant identification to the species level. PAenflowered has become a useful tool in my tool box.

, Board Director on    

PAenflowered provides incredible service, which is rich in information and helps everyone, even amateurs who donot have specific knowledge in plant/botanical field.

, Conservationist on    

PAEnflowered fills an important environmental need - providing a user-friendly plant identification website for lay audiences. Improving our environment, for people and nature, requires landowners to have a working knowledge of plants and their habitats. PAEnflowered does this an provides a lot more information that is valuable to a novice plant enthusiast to someone engaged in actively managing their land. The site continues to improve as well with more features and information.

Colin Gillette , Plant Enthusiast on    

This is a wonderful nonprofit providing an important service for the state of Pennsylvania by working towards listing all the plant species of the state. It is important to know what we have in order to prevent its loss. Paenflowered is a wonderful place to not only learn about the plants of Pennsylvania but it allows for everyone interested to get involved with building the species list and providing valuable information on where and when species can be found around the state. Everyone involved with Paenflowered is willing and eager to assist anyone who may be interested in learning about the amazing diversity of flora in the state of Pennsylvania.

derekjsherwood , Plant Enthusiast on    

Excellent charity with approachable members and a worthwhile goal. I have dealt extensively with them and know that the money goes to creating and bettering the site and what it contains. Highly recommend.