Cystopteris bladder fern

Delicate fern of cliffs, these ferns often grow in clumps due to the short-creeping rhizomes.  Fertile and sterile fronds are similar, although sterile ones emerge first in the spring and tend to be a bit smaller.  All bladder ferns are deciduous but can send up new fronds all summer, even if they wither during a drought, new ones will be produced when moisture returns.

Grow on cliffs, ledges, rocks, and rocky woodlands.

Range is from New Foundland to Minnesota down to VA, AL, NC, and west to Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska and southern Rocky Mountains.

Wetland Code: FACW

Cystopteris bulbifera (bulbet bladder fern) Plant is native to PA

This graceful fern forms pea-like formations …

Cystopteris fragilis (brittle fern) Plant is native to PA

Small, light green fern that grows in clusters in …