Purplestem aster
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Maria Pavlova Sunday, September 24, 2023

Symphyotrichum puniceum  (Purplestem aster)

Purplestem aster is a lover of moist habitats, such as wetlands, shores of streams & lakes, and wet meadows. It has an upright, clumping habit and can form mini-colonies. Showy blooms are on display from August to late October, making this aster a nice selection for your native wetland garden. It needs a good amount of sunlight to thrive.

This aster is quite variable - the stem is usually purplish or reddish, although can be green especially for newly growing branches. The color tends to darken with age. While normally covered with distinct white hairs, the stem can also be with little or no hairs, especially at the top. The leaves are slightly toothed of variable teeth size with leaf surface rough to the touch. The leaves clasp the stem but do not surround it.

The flower color can vary from almost white to purple.