Sagittaria arrowhead

There are seven species, all of them native, present in our state.  Even though arrowheads are named such for the shape of their leaves, the leaf shape are highly variable  and are affected by depth of water.  The shape can vary within the same plant.

Most of the species are emergenet perennials, one species is annual and some grow submersed.  Both male and female flowers occur on the same plant, inflorescence is usually a raceme with female flowers occuring at the bottom in several whorls, each containing 3 flowers.  Male flowers occur in whorls at the top.  Flowers are insect pollinated.  The fruit is a cluster of achenes.

Sagittaria latifolia (broadleaf arrowhead) Plant is native to PA

Wapato is the most common species of arrowheads …

Sagittaria arrowhead

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