Persicaria coccinea

Persicaria coccinea scarlet smartweed

Plant grows in the wild/spontaneouslyPlant is native to PA Synonyms:   Persicaria amphibia var. emersa, Polygonum amphibium var. emersum

This species was formerly classified (and still is by some authorities) as a variety of P. amphibia, P. amphibia var. emersa.  P. coccinea is mostly terrestial unlike P. amphibia ( or P. amphibia var. stipulacea ) that is fully aquatic.  P. amphibia has branches and leaves laying on the water &  short primary inflorescence while P. coccinea has upright leaves & long (up to 90mm) primary inflorescence.

Grows in shallow water, shorelines of water bodies, & wetlands.

Present throughout the state.

Wetland codes

Flowers end of June into September.

S-rank:  S5 (Secure)
G-rank:  G5 (Secure)