Sparganium bur-reed

Bur-reeds are rooted, rhizomatous perennials with emergent or floating leaves and emergent inflorescences.  There are 7 native species in our state.

Pollination occurs by wind, male flowers fall off soon after pollen is released.

Shallow waters of lakes, ponds, rivers and swamps.

Leaves are linear, basal or alternate on erect stem.  Erect and keeled for most species.

Inflorescence is usually shorter than the leaves,  flowers are contained in spherical heads in the axils of reduced leaves  or can be above the bracts.  Species contain both male and female flowers,

with female flower heads occupying the lower position and male flower heads being toward the tips.

Fruits are a prickly sphere of green, hard drupes each with a style that forms a beak.