This genus has only one species

Pteridium bracken fern

The genus has only one species worldwide which is cosmopolitan, found throughout the globe.  Its large rhizomes can spread over large areas and the profuse fronds can impede or stop the growth of other plants.  Once they colonize an area, they are difficult to remove.  This fern also establishes itself easily after a fire or any other landscape disturbance.  Bracken fern is easy to recognize because it is the only large fern with a blade divided into three distinct parts.

Even though bracken fern can also reproduce via spores, they form seldom and are rarely found; it mainly proliferates vegetatively.  Some bracken establishments are estimated to e over 1000 years old.

Pteridium aquilinum (bracken fern) Plant is native to PA

The red-green, three-parted fronds are connected …

Pteridium bracken fern

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Common Names
bracken fern