Polypodium rockcap fern

Rockcap ferns (polypodies) are evergreen and grow in dense colonies on rocks.  They may wither in a drought but quickly become green when exposed to moisture.  Leathery blades are cut into narrow, blunt-tipped lobes.  The form of fertile and sterile fronds is the same.  The sori are round, naked, and prominent and the rhizome is creeping horizontally and is scaly.

Rock surfaces and old tree stomps

Polypodium appalachianum (Appalachian polypody) Plant is native to PA

This fern likes to grow on rock surfaces and …

Polypodium virginianum (rock polypody) Plant is native to PA

An overwintering fern with leathery small fronds …

Polypodium rockcap fern

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Common Names
rockcap fern polypody