Equisetum horsetail

One of the oldest of existing Pteridophytes (fern family) and closely allied to the prehistoric plants from 300 million years ago.  Horsetails in our area are small to medium-sized plants with slender, round, hollow stems, and distinct nodes.

Grow in wet, sandy, gravelly and clay soils from stream edges to wet meadows and damp woods.  Even when they grow in drier sites, they roots tend to reach the water table

Equisetum arvense (field horsetail) Plant is native to PA

Very common horsetail that is quite variable in …

Equisetum fluviatile (water horsetail) Plant is native to PA

Smooth, hollow horsetail of variable form, with …

Equisetum hyemale (scouring-rush) Plant is native to PA

Tall, slender, hollow, with dark green stems that …

Equisetum horsetail

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Common Names
horsetail scouring rush