Populus tremuloides

Populus tremuloides quaking aspen

Plant grows in the wild/spontaneouslyPlant is native to PA

This tree is the most widely distributed in our state.  It grows in large stands because reproduction happens by suckering off the roots. The leaves quake in the wind, giving the plant its common name.

Grows in forests, woodlands, along forest edges as well as in fields.

Present throughout the state.

Wetland codes

Flowers April & May.

Tree  slender with straigh trunk and round crown

Leaves  simple, alternate, roundish with a sharp point, margins finely toothed, shiny green on upper side and dull green on lower side; petiole flattened

Bark   lower part dark gray to brown and furrowed; upper part light greenish or cream and smooth

Flower  a catkin, male and female bloom on separate trees before the leaves bud

Fruit  composed of many tiny green capsules that open and release seeds; seeds float in the wind attached to cottony material

S-rank:  S5 (Secure)
G-rank:  G5 (Secure)