Viola canadensis

Viola canadensis Canada violet

Plant grows in the wild/spontaneouslyPlant is native to PA

A tall (up to 40 cm) stemmed (peduncles arise from leaf axils) violet that likes to grow in clumps and is often present in old forests.  White flowers have a distinct yellow spot at the base.

Frequent in moist and shady woods, swamps, and ravines.

Present throughout the state except for southeast.

Wetland codes

Flowers from late April to July.

Flowers  single on a naked peduncle arising from leaf axils. Five white petals with yellow at the base, two side petals have tufts of short hairs. Purple lines present on three lower petals.  Outside of petals is often purple-tinged.

Leaves  heart-shaped basal and cauline leaves.  Cauline leaves are more elongated than basal.

Fruit  oval capsule covered in short hairs, seeds ivory.

Stemmed violet; seeds are ivory.

S-rank:  No rank
G-rank:  G5 (Secure)